Selling my Nintendo DS Lite! - eBay starting at $5

This is my old DS Lite. I’m selling it to fund getting a 3DS.

It works great, charges great, and comes with the charger, stylus, and a blue carrying case. Screens are clean and system is pretty scratch-free and solid. I took good care of it.

The console was originally dark blue but I have (obviously) bedazzled it. It was one of my first ever bedazzling jobs back in the day, so it’s not great (to put it nicely, although I’ve always thought it was pretty fab). A few gems have fallen off (which you can see in the close-up), but otherwise, everything is clean, working, and just dandy.

You can read a little bit more about it and the case on the eBay listing. The auction is starting at only $5 because I know these things have been pretty much been replaced by the 3DS and I know the bedazzling is not super attractive.

(Also, if you buy this and you’re a viewer, let me know and I’ll include a little extra note for you and a drawing if you’d like that.)

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    Joseph, I will seriously give you my 3DS. I don’t play it because it screws with my eyes. Message me if you want it.
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  5. appropriationofthekimono said: I sort of expected the bids to rocket up to 50431422 million bajillion dollars the moment this was up :< Don’t worry, once the paparazzi leak the story it’ll be all the rage. They’ll probably have to back up the eBay servers due to site traffic.
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