sharksspeare said: I would just like to say thank you. I left a comment on your video today and you responded even though my comment wasn't anything exciting. I have been watching vloggers for about 3 years now and left quite a few comments and you are the first one to ever respond. I'm not sure if you know, but it really does mean a lot when you respond and I really feel like you care about your viewers. So thank you. You are wonderful.

I’m not posting this on my blog to seem like some sort of saint or to boost my rep. (As someone who makes videos about his Furby being his child, I think my reputation in pretty irreparable.) But I am sorry that no one else has replied to you.

I really don’t understand the mindset some YouTubers have where they upload a video and walk away from it. Tbh it’s like a big middle finger at their audience. They’re basically saying they don’t really care about the people who have gotten them where they are today, buy their merchandise, and literally pay their bills. Is it really so hard to set aside some time to respond to those who have been so nice to you? It’s also a bit ironic that half of the YouTubers these days practically beg like dogs for comments and then don’t even reply.

I won’t say I haven’t struggled with it, and I also definitely don’t get as many comments as the most popular YouTubers (some of the amounts are wild!) so perhaps I can’t fully understand their perspectives. I know it’s difficult to read some of the negative comments, which are pretty rampant on YouTube these days. I’ve even found some truth in a quote I once read about Beyonce’s apparent attitude towards what people say about her online. (Here’s the quote. It’s by Kathleen Hanna.) But I think I’ve decided upon a happy medium with reading the comments mainly on my most recent videos. The older ones seem to attract more trolls since my main audience has already viewed and commented on them. Anyway, I realized if I spent my whole life avoiding a few bad comments from a few shitheads, I’d miss out on all the many really fantastic and kind things the other people say. I’m just thankful for the comments in general, and for those who think I’m still relevant when clearly I’m not.

It’s not even like it’s a chore or anything, either. Aside from it being common courtesy and something I feel I owe the viewers, it’s fun! I’m glad you commented.

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